November 18, 2010

10 Holiday dresses for under $100! (Winter 2010)

Since Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is right around the corner, I thought it was time that I should start planning what I'm wearing to my holiday parties.  Most of us rush out mid-week or most commonly, the night before the event to buy something, sometimes anything... but this time I am going to be prepared and frugal all at the same time.  Here are 10 dresses that I put together for under $100 to keep your costs low but still look great whether it's a casual get together or flirty and fun with friends.

BB Dakota dress found on for only $80.

Love the back on this dress. A great LBD for a holiday party or girls night out.

Again, a BB Dakota dress on for $80.

Big fan of the color and design. Looks as though it is a 2 piece but is one full dress that flatters the legs and hides any midsection holiday weight. Conservative, but will still turn heads.

Aqua dress on for $88.00

A girl will always need at least one flowy dress that is easy to dance and mingle in, no matter what season it is.

Aqua dress on for $83.00.

Love, love, love the color of this dress.  This one shoulder blue dress will instantly draw attention when in a crowd.  All you need is a funky cuff bracelet and you're ready to go.

Corset dress on H&M website for 19.95!!

Gorgeous dress for next to nothing.  This is a must have.

Wyatt dress found on for $94.00.

Very simple and flattering.  The ruching sweeps across the mid section to hide any extra L B's gained over the holidays. Full sleeve for those of us who freeze our butts off going from party to party.

Strapless silk chiffon dress found on for only $59.99.

Perfect for a dinner party, simply due to the fact that it won't show a thing below the heart shape and flows all the way to the knee but I know what you're still thinking - it's an early fall dress... just remember, this doesn't mean it can't be used in winter with a cardigan, tights, and booties.

Dress found on for $52.99.

Titled the"Elegant Speech Dress" on ModCloth's website.  Perfect for those who are hosting because it's easy and flirty.  I would pair with patterned tights and heels or work with fun accessories.


Dress found on Zara for $79.90.

Adorable wool shift dress.  Great for a casual get together and pairing with boots and tights.

Dress found on Zara for only $39.90!!

For all the girls with a small frame, show it off in this tight LBD.  Would not advise wearing this to a dinner.

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